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Golden Lotus Phone Card Detail Information
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Golden Lotus Phone Card

Detail Information View Rate Information How to use this card? Toll Free & Local Access No
Golden Lotus phone card
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**The rates listed represents when calling through local access numbers. Using a toll free number may incur higher rates. Please call the customer service number of the card to get the latest rate for toll free and access numbers.

* Minutes are aproximation and calculated by ((face value * 100¢)/rate per minute. Fees may affect the actual number of minutes. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the card.

* do not control the minutes, rates, quality and connectivity of the Golden Lotus card. If you have questions regarding rates and fees, please contact Comfi company at (800-219-6993).

Card Info:

With its very low rates, the Golden Lotus phone card is the ultimate card for calling to India and other countries in South Asia. But it doesn't end there. This versatile card also lets you call around the globe and to make domestic calls within U.S. and Canada! Use Toll Free Numbers or Local Access Numbers in the USA, Canada and many other countries. It couldn't be easier! And you'll never pay a connection fee. Golden Lotus is a refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial and Online Call History access.
  • PIN Free Access! Register your phone number with the card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the Access Number. You don't need to enter a hard-to-remember PIN!
    Register multiple phone numbers to one account. Use "My Account" - "My Permanent PINs" to register additional phone numbers.
  • Refill the card at any time (add more funds). Use "My Account" - "My Permanent PINs" to see the card's balance and other reports.
  • Speed Dial
  • Online Call History Access Please note: this card cannot be used to place calls within one state, i.e calls cannot be made from one state to the same state. This restriction is placed due to telecommunication regulations. Please use our other calling cards if you need to make these calls.
    Please read the disclaimer about additional provisions. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on the card.
    PIN Free Access!
    Speed Dial. Call History
    Maintenance Fee - 99 c/week
    Rounding - 3 min
    Service Provider: Comfi
    Maintenance Fee: see terms and conditions
    Rounding: see terms and conditions.
    Comfi Customer Service: 800-219-6993
    Call this number to talk to the customer service of the manufacturer/service provider (Comfi). You can enquire Comfi card rates and fees, complain about card quality, connection problems etc.
    Local Access: No
    Connection Fees: No
    Toll Free Number(s): UK: 0808-189-0294 (3c/min surcharge) US, Canada: 1-800-209-4537 (+2.2 c/min) US, Canada, Others: 1-855-640-3227 (+6 c/min) Others*: Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, PR, US VI US Local Access Numbers

    Golden Lotus phone card can be used from the following countries.

    (Click on the "country names" to see calling cards that can be used in that country.)

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    Most Called From USA

    Botswana - 2.7¢/Minute
    Cameroon - 3.9¢/Minute
    Chad - 4.9¢/Minute
    Egypt - 2.7¢/Minute
    Ethiopia - 7.0¢/Minute
    Kenya - 2.2¢/Minute
    Madagascar - 4.1¢/Minute
    Morocco - 0.6¢/Minute
    Namibia - 2.4¢/Minute
    Nigeria - 2.1¢/Minute
    Zambia - 1.5¢/Minute
    Zimbabwe - 2.0¢/Minute
    Afghanistan - 8.3¢/Minute
    Bangladesh - 0.9¢/Minute
    Cambodia - 1.4¢/Minute
    China - Unlimited
    Hong Kong - Unlimited
    India - Unlimited
    Iran - 2.4¢/Minute
    Iraq - 1.0¢/Minute
    Japan - 0.3¢/Minute
    Korea - South - Unlimited
    Malaysia - Unlimited
    Myanmar (Burma) - 8.3¢/Minute
    Pakistan - 1.0¢/Minute
    Philippines - 4.1¢/Minute
    Singapore - Unlimited
    Taiwan - Unlimited
    Thailand - Unlimited
    Vietnam - 0.8¢/Minute
    Central America
    Belize - 5.0¢/Minute
    Costa Rica - 0.5¢/Minute
    Guatemala - 2.5¢/Minute
    Mexico - 0.4¢/Minute
    Nicaragua - 4.0¢/Minute
    Austria - Unlimited
    Bosnia & Herzegovina - 3.3¢/Minute
    France - Unlimited
    Italy - Unlimited
    Monaco - Unlimited
    Poland - Unlimited
    Russia - 0.3¢/Minute
    United Kingdom - Unlimited
    North America
    Bermuda - 0.8¢/Minute
    Canada - Unlimited
    Greenland - 7.9¢/Minute
    United States - 0.3¢/Minute
    South America
    Argentina - Unlimited
    Bolivia - 0.4¢/Minute
    Brazil - Unlimited
    Chile - Unlimited
    Ecuador - 2.9¢/Minute
    Peru - Unlimited
    Venezuela - Unlimited