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How to use Mandalay One Phone Card?
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How to use Mandalay One phone card?

Detail Information View Rate Information How to use this card? Toll Free & Local Access No
Mandalay One phone card

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* Minutes are aproximation and calculated by ((face value * 100¢)/rate per minute. Fees may affect the actual number of minutes. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the card.

* do not control the minutes, rates, quality and connectivity of the Mandalay One card. If you have questions regarding rates and fees, please contact DPE company at (1-888-565-4418).

Mandalay One Dialing Instructions:

Local Call:
  • DIAL local access numbers or 1-800-335-6895 (English)
    1-888-334-0177 (Mandarin)

    (Note: Some PIN numbers may have different toll free numbers. Please refer to your PIN number email.)
  • ENTER your Mandalay One PIN number (refer to your PIN email).
  • ENTER your destination number.
International Call:
  • DIAL local access numbers or 1-800-335-6895 (English)
    1-888-334-0177 (Mandarin)
    (Note: Some PIN numbers may have different toll free numbers. Please refer to your PIN number email.
  • ENTER your Mandalay One PIN number.
  • Enter 011 + country code + area code + phone number

Money Saving Tips:

Use local access numbers to get more minutes.
  • If your cell phone or home phone plan allows free minutes for calling long distance use the card with local access numbers.

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Most Called From USA

Botswana - 2.7¢/Minute
Cameroon - 3.9¢/Minute
Chad - 4.9¢/Minute
Egypt - 2.7¢/Minute
Ethiopia - 7.0¢/Minute
Kenya - 2.2¢/Minute
Madagascar - 4.1¢/Minute
Morocco - 0.6¢/Minute
Namibia - 2.4¢/Minute
Nigeria - 2.1¢/Minute
Zambia - 1.5¢/Minute
Zimbabwe - 2.0¢/Minute
Afghanistan - 8.3¢/Minute
Bangladesh - 0.9¢/Minute
Cambodia - 1.4¢/Minute
China - Unlimited
Hong Kong - Unlimited
India - Unlimited
Iran - 2.4¢/Minute
Iraq - 1.0¢/Minute
Japan - 0.3¢/Minute
Korea - South - Unlimited
Malaysia - Unlimited
Myanmar (Burma) - 8.3¢/Minute
Pakistan - 1.0¢/Minute
Philippines - 4.1¢/Minute
Singapore - Unlimited
Taiwan - Unlimited
Thailand - Unlimited
Vietnam - 0.8¢/Minute
Central America
Belize - 5.0¢/Minute
Costa Rica - 0.5¢/Minute
Guatemala - 2.5¢/Minute
Mexico - 0.4¢/Minute
Nicaragua - 4.0¢/Minute
Austria - Unlimited
Bosnia & Herzegovina - 3.3¢/Minute
France - Unlimited
Italy - Unlimited
Monaco - Unlimited
Poland - Unlimited
Russia - 0.3¢/Minute
United Kingdom - Unlimited
North America
Bermuda - 0.8¢/Minute
Canada - Unlimited
Greenland - 7.9¢/Minute
United States - 0.3¢/Minute
South America
Argentina - Unlimited
Bolivia - 0.4¢/Minute
Brazil - Unlimited
Chile - Unlimited
Ecuador - 2.9¢/Minute
Peru - Unlimited
Venezuela - Unlimited