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Cash Back Reward Program


Welcome to our exciting Cash back reward Program! Get rewarded for every dollar you spend with us. Cash Back reward program is totally FREE! Cash Back reward program offers you 3% cash back on your Present and Future purchases from our website. The program is designed to express our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers. There are no limits to the amount of Cash Back you can acquire within the program period. You can earn cash back on every time you buy online.


Q1. What is a Cash Back Reward program?
Cash back reward is an offer for our existing customers where you can receive 3% of cash back on your present and future purchases. It is a reward and our appreciation for you for being our loyal customer.

Q2. What do I need to do in order to get 3% cash back on my purchases?
Please log in to my account by clicking on the following link. Once you fill up all the details, you will be automatically enrolled for the cash back reward program. Enrolling is important for keeping your information up to date to deliver the checks to correct address.

Q3. Is there any fee to join cash back reward program?
No. This is a reward to you from us for being our loyal customers. It's totally FREE.

Q4. What are the criteria for being eligible for this program?
a) Must be our customer.
b) Account should not have been banned for any reason.
c) No chargeback filed on any purchase.
d) Account should be in good standing.
e) U.S. based mailing address required.

Q5. How do I receive my cash back rewards?
You will receive your cash back reward via check once your pay out amount reaches $20.00.

Q6.When can I see my cash back reward amount at the website after making the purchase?
Immediately! Just log into my account, and look for Cash Back Bonus link.


Terms and conditions of our Cash Back Program:

  1. Program period for our cash back program starts from June 15, 2007 12:01Am (CST)
  2. The percentage of the cash reward program is subjected to change without notice. In certain occasion we might be offering a higher percentage of rebates or perhaps certain products will have more % reward.
  3. During the program period, customer would receive a cash back amount equivalent to 3% of the total purchase amount minus applicable fee and surcharges
  4. The Company reserves the right to alter or terminate the Cash Back Program and amend the terms and conditions thereof at any time without prior notice, including but not limited to the Cash Back rebate percentage. In case of disputes, the decision of the Company shall be final.
  5. If the customer cancels any Eligible transaction which has been included in the cash back conversion after the cash back is credited to the customer, the company has the right to debit the equivalent Cash back amount from Cardholder’s account without prior notice.
  6. To be eligible for cash back, following criteria is required.
  • You must be our customer
  • Customers must not be banned from our customers base list
  • % will be calculated from the transaction amount minus fees and surcharges
  • Customers must be in a good standing and never file chargeback to us for any reasons.
  1. Fraudulent Activities are prohibited and we will take any measure to prosecute to the fullest extent of law.
  2. You must make at least 1 purchase every 6 months or else your cash reward will be forfeited and no reinstatement will be allowed.
  3. We will not be held any liability on the amount promise to pay to you and you can not consider the cash back as a claimable income. Reward Program is not applied in certain states where it is prohibited by law.
  4. Check will be sent to you once you have earned $20 or more in the increment of $5 ($20, $25, $30, etc.). The balance will be carried forward until you meet minimum amount. Check will be issued to you on the 15th of every month for the previous month's reward.
  5. We have the right to hold your account pay out if fraudulent activity is suspected and we can terminate your account at any time. Any large amount of transaction will be investigated for fraudulent activities.
  6. Customer must enroll in cash back reward program in order to keep their account information including mailing address, email address and contact number up to date. We should not be liable for any lost or stolen checks.
  7. Customer should have U.S. Based mailing address to receive the check. We do not issue any checks to Non U.S. based mailing address.

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Most Called From USA

Botswana - 2.7¢/Minute
Cameroon - 3.9¢/Minute
Chad - 4.9¢/Minute
Egypt - 2.7¢/Minute
Ethiopia - 7.0¢/Minute
Kenya - 2.2¢/Minute
Madagascar - 4.1¢/Minute
Morocco - 0.6¢/Minute
Namibia - 2.4¢/Minute
Nigeria - 2.1¢/Minute
Zambia - 1.5¢/Minute
Zimbabwe - 2.0¢/Minute
Afghanistan - 8.3¢/Minute
Bangladesh - 0.9¢/Minute
Cambodia - 1.4¢/Minute
China - Unlimited
Hong Kong - Unlimited
India - Unlimited
Iran - 2.4¢/Minute
Iraq - 1.0¢/Minute
Japan - 0.3¢/Minute
Korea - South - Unlimited
Malaysia - Unlimited
Myanmar (Burma) - 8.3¢/Minute
Pakistan - 1.0¢/Minute
Philippines - 4.1¢/Minute
Singapore - Unlimited
Taiwan - Unlimited
Thailand - Unlimited
Vietnam - 0.8¢/Minute
Central America
Belize - 5.0¢/Minute
Costa Rica - 0.5¢/Minute
Guatemala - 2.5¢/Minute
Mexico - 0.4¢/Minute
Nicaragua - 4.0¢/Minute
Austria - Unlimited
Bosnia & Herzegovina - 3.3¢/Minute
France - Unlimited
Italy - Unlimited
Monaco - Unlimited
Poland - Unlimited
Russia - 0.3¢/Minute
United Kingdom - Unlimited
North America
Bermuda - 0.8¢/Minute
Canada - Unlimited
Greenland - 7.9¢/Minute
United States - 0.3¢/Minute
South America
Argentina - Unlimited
Bolivia - 0.4¢/Minute
Brazil - Unlimited
Chile - Unlimited
Ecuador - 2.9¢/Minute
Peru - Unlimited
Venezuela - Unlimited