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Cheap phone card! Cheap calling card! Rechargeable! Pinless! Prepaid!
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Phone cards and calling cards are our speciality

We are one of the largest and leading online phone card retailer providing high quality cards that offer low rates for domestic, long distance, and international calling.

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Most called countries from United States - by region

Botswana - 2.7¢/Minute Cameroon - 3.9¢/Minute Chad - 4.9¢/Minute
Egypt - 2.7¢/Minute Ethiopia - 7.0¢/Minute Kenya - 2.2¢/Minute
Madagascar - 4.1¢/Minute Morocco - 0.6¢/Minute Namibia - 2.4¢/Minute
Nigeria - 2.1¢/Minute Zambia - 1.5¢/Minute Zimbabwe - 2.0¢/Minute
Afghanistan - 8.3¢/Minute Bangladesh - 0.9¢/Minute Cambodia - 1.4¢/Minute
China - Unlimited Hong Kong - Unlimited India - Unlimited
Iran - 2.4¢/Minute Iraq - 1.0¢/Minute Japan - 0.3¢/Minute
Korea - South - Unlimited Malaysia - Unlimited Myanmar (Burma) - 8.3¢/Minute
Pakistan - 1.0¢/Minute Philippines - 4.1¢/Minute Singapore - Unlimited
Taiwan - Unlimited Thailand - Unlimited Vietnam - 0.8¢/Minute
Belize - 5.0¢/Minute Costa Rica - 0.5¢/Minute Guatemala - 2.5¢/Minute
Mexico - 0.4¢/Minute Nicaragua - 4.0¢/Minute
Austria - Unlimited Bosnia & Herzegovina - 3.3¢/Minute France - Unlimited
Italy - Unlimited Monaco - Unlimited Poland - Unlimited
Russia - 0.3¢/Minute United Kingdom - Unlimited
Bermuda - 0.8¢/Minute Canada - Unlimited Greenland - 7.9¢/Minute
United States - 0.3¢/Minute
Argentina - Unlimited Bolivia - 0.4¢/Minute Brazil - Unlimited
Chile - Unlimited Ecuador - 2.9¢/Minute Peru - Unlimited
Venezuela - Unlimited

You can use our cards from 153 countries world wide.

Rechargeable and pinless calling cards

If you are a traveller, these rechargeable and pinless phone cards can be used in ANY foreign countries to call back to your home country. So say goodbye to expensive hotel longdistance phone bills.





Cheap Call
Cheap Call



El Toro
El Toro



Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus


Royal Call
Royal Call

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Prepaid or non-rechargeable phone cards

If you are a student studying in United States or temporarily residing in United States, our low rate 3% cash back prepaid calling cards will certainly provide you with great discounts and lowest rates currently available in the phone card industry. So, you do not have to worry about expensive international rates whenever you call home.


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International Callback

international call backs

International callback cards are perfect choice for travellers. The rates are very cheap because we are using computer systems to connect call originations and destinations.

Choose these cards if:

  • you travel around the world
  • you want to save your hotel longdistance telephone bills
  • you are looking for a convinient and cheap way of calling from any country to any country in the world
  • you have internet access (necessary to access our call back form)

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Permanent PIN/Pinless Dialing Cards

pin less and rechargable calling cards

Permanent PIN calling cards offer PINLESS dialing option. You will never need to remember your PIN number again. You can also register your phone number and recharge your account anytime. Calls can be made from any country to any country.

Choose these cards if:

  • you want to call from any country
  • you don't want to enter PIN number every time you call
  • you like the rates that they offer
  • you have a phone number that you can register for PINLESS dialing.

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Prepaid Calling Cards

regular international calling cards

These are prepaid calling cards that are not rechargable and do not offer PIN LESS dialing option.

Just like international call back cards and Permanent PIN cards, these cards offer selective originating and destination countries at lowest rates available in the calling card industry.

Choose these cards if:

  • you don't mind entering your PIN numbers
  • you find rates are cheaper than other cards
  • you don't have a phone number to register with permanent PIN or Pinless Dialing calling cards

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For questions, feed back and support, please contact us.

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Reported problems!

Access Number for Calgary, Alberta Canada is not working!
We were reported by one of our customer that local access number for EastWest, Chopin, Africa, Middle East, Tiger, Bizon and FastWorld phone card are not working.
Please use (1-403-770-1558) if you are making calls from Calgary, Alberta Canada.
We have updated the access number information in the respective cards.
We do apologize for the missing information.

Missing local access number in South Korea for Fastworld Calling Card!
We were reported by one of our customer that South Korea local access number for FastWorld phone card is missing.
Please use (00-308-131-673 ) for making calls in South Korea.
We do apologize for the missing information and delay in responding email.

Middle East phone card Germany access numbers changed!
If you are using Middle East card from Germany, please note that the numbers have changed. Click here to access the updated Germany access numbers. Thanks Eric for reporting the issue.

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